Friday, 4 January 2019

क्या आपके मुंह में छाले बहुत पड़ते है तो कीजिए ये उपाय

It is a very easy thing to do in the mouth. Molasses in the mouth can be due to heat, or eating salty, but some people often have toxicity and many acne problems are due to acne. For example, there is a lot of trouble when eating or brushing. The mouth ulcer is also called a nasoor wound. Either it comes as a wound, otherwise it is also in the group. It looks like a red rash in the mouth, which is white towards the top, the farmer who has a lot of panic. 
 Mouth-to-skin sores give a signal of some imbalance in your body. Such as constipation, acidity, deficiency of nutrients or imbalance in hormones? There may be many other causes of toxicity in the mouth; Such as heat, excessive smoking, strain or clean teeth. There is no need to consult a doctor because he is recovering in a week or two.

Too much smoker (smoking) or alcohol consumption can also cause acne.  Do not be afraid if you have frequent thaw, because today we will tell you some of the household remedies that you will be relieved from the spines and you will not have spines again.  Honey has anti-bacterial qualities. It is helpful in resting the legs and intensifying the wound healing process. Honey recoils the wound and prevents it from moving the moong.

Get one teaspoon of ginger powder in the honey. Apply this mixture to an influential place. Get the turmeric powder too fast for it.  Tulsi leaves are very beneficial for chewing on face treatment. Chilli leaves and drink water. This medicinal herb is helpful in treating any health related issues.

Tulsing leaves of 3-4 times a day can help prevent acne frequencies in the mouth.  Take a leaf of coriander leaves and mix them well. After cutting it, apply its juice on the molasses. Cauliflower can be applied to its jute on the molten leaves.

This gives relief from the sores immediately.  Soak the wet tea bag on the molage to get relief immediately. Black tea contains tannins that are resting from pain. Apart from this Butter Milk is a magical substance that is auxiliary to the wound. Butter milk contains lactic acid that is a bit acidic, which reduces acne pains.

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