Saturday, 29 December 2018

हररोज दूध पीते समय उसमें डालिए एक चीज और शरीर बन जाएगा एकदम फौलाद जेेसा

Let us say that cinnamon (Dalachi) also enhances the flavor of food and benefits many times even in beauty. Cinnamon is full of many medicinal qualities, which are beneficial for both health and beauty.
If cinnamon is mixed with milk, it can be very beneficial for our body. Drinking milk with cinnamon is beneficial for many diseases. Method of making tender milk: It is very easy to make it. Mix one or two teaspoons of cinnamon powder into one cup of milk and mix well. Make sure to use it before sunrise. Benefits of milk with cinnamon: If your digestive action is not suitable, you can get a lot of benefits by drinking cinnamon milk.

The problem of gas is also eliminated by drinking cinnamon milk. There are many compounds in cinnamon that help control blood sugar. By drinking cinnamon milk, type 2 diabetes is very beneficial for patients.

 If there is a problem of insomnia, then use cinnamon milk. If you take a glass of cinnamon milk before sleeping, you will sleep well. If you have a problem with hair and skin, drinking this cinnamon milk will get rid of this problem. Antibacterial properties of cinnamon protect skin and skin from infections. Apart from this, it is also very beneficial for bones. Eating these milk daily will also remove leukocyte disease.

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