Saturday, 29 December 2018

यह दवा का एक गिलास है जो किडनी को नया जीवन देगा, और किडनी का जीवनकाल बढ़ाएगा *

Friends, if there is any organ in the body, will remain healthy, if a person adopts a bad and good life style. It is also very important for keeping kidney healthy. The biggest reason for kidney failure is outdoor eating, not eating at the right time.

Due to which many poisons are stored in the body.  Kidney is an important part of the body so that its health needs to be kept in mind and the body needs to get rid of the poisonous substances. Our kidneys need to be constantly detoxify because it acts detoxification, and protein absorption in the body. 
 This medicinal drink will detoxify the kidneys.

 We know that kidney related illness is not against direct: but it takes too much time. Kidneys are cleaned and eat healthy meals. Due to not working properly on the kidneys, many health-related problems are encountered. It is very easy to relieve the kidneys from the toxic substances, and you can clean the kidney easily with the use of this simple drink. 

 Making stuff
 Three nuts lemon juice, two nang oranges juice, ten padina leaves, one liter of clean water, one big spoon pure honey

 The way to make

 To make the kidney clean, put the water in a vessel first to boil for this drink. Now put the mint leaves in the water and let it boil for five minutes. After boiling, wait for it to cool down. Now mix lemon and orange juice in it and let the pods of lemons slit in them.

You can taste a little honey for taste.  Friends, you can drink this drink according to your choice, drink as cold or as hot as you wish. This drink will clear your kidneys and will also be beneficial for the stomach and digestive system.

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